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I thought I’d start my about me page with a post from my archive. I thought it was and still is relevant for me today.

You waited too late to try to find yourself. Life isn’t so forgiving by the time you hit you 30s. you have children that NEED you now and your decisions should be made based on them. I know that I make this look easy, but TRUST that I have paid my dues. I have been conditioned to survive and continue the movement.

Embrace our similarities but please understand my difference.

Its never too late to find self understanding, but due to some of the research that one has to do to find themselves… there are better times than others. You typically do most of your research in your teens and start to narrow down who you ARE NOT by your mid-twenties. My point is, you might not know what you want to do, but you should damn sure know what you don’t want to do! And as you start to have children, this usually starts to close your window due to the heightend level of responsiblity needed to raise this child. A lot of people were too scared or thought they were too busy as teens(sheltered) to even get out there and explore themselves.


And what you are left with is a bunch of grown ups looking around seeking approval and lying to one another in the name of Validation(is that a word?) Anyways… A lot of you guys/girls better hope that you don’t get downsized or that your computers don’t stop working. Because there is a such thing called, “life at its RAREest form” and it’ll be interesting to see what part of the food chain you belong to. Who will thrive? Ivy league or School of Hard knocks? F.Y.I-Money won’t mean shit! Word in the streets is that, “money is only as important as the next thing on the table”! Ex. When there is a famine in the land… Meat will be the New Money!!!

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In conclusion…

Accept who you are, accept who youre not and keep it moving. Get advice and guidence from the ones that keep your BEST interest in mind, but discart th rest.

Live the life that you wanna live but Never lie to yourself about the life you’re living. Don’t be delusional. Stop trying to hold on to shit that was never really there anyway! Don’t let the world trick you into being so selfish,vein,heartless etc…

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It is our RESPONSIBILITy to raise the ones after us. The ones before us let us get out of control(no offense). But this raises another point, don’t be afraid to RESPECTFULLY challenge. Everything is not a knock down dragout. Learn how to talk to people. If you Keep coming with that aggresive shit somebody WILL end up giving you the bizz-ness!!!

This is not only for THE WORLD, it also applies to me. “I talk to myself before I talk to you guys”. YuH!

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